EOS and the Podiatry Practice: A Testimonial about Productivity and Healthy Growth

By July 3, 2018About EOS

EOS can work in just about any kind of business. That’s because EOS is made up of simple concepts and practical tools that can be easily applied in a fast-paced small business. No fads – just basic, useful tools that help people get more of the right stuff done every week.

You may be wondering, what’s it like to use EOS at a podiatry practice? For insights, we
spoke with Elise Hinchman, Office Manager & Marketing Director of Lexington Podiatry in Lexington, KY.

They’ve been using EOS since February 2018 and she offered these observations:

How has EOS increased productivity?
EH: We are much more productive as a team since starting EOS. Before EOS, we’d get revved up after each of our monthly meetings but would not do so great at completing all that we set out do. Now, by meeting weekly, we’re getting a lot more things accomplished.

How has EOS helped with accountability?
EH: EOS helped us uncover areas that we needed to work on. We really credit EOS with helping us correct mistakes we were making on the admin and practice levels. Our team is learning how to be accountable towards their short and long term commitments and to share issues at meetings. I absolutely love our moonshot goals. Our entire office is, more than ever, confident about getting done what we prioritize to do.

Have you seen direct impacts on employees or roles in the practice?
EH: There were two team members who struggled with accountability, at first. Now, they ‘get it.’ It’s neat to see the change.

We had another team member who was lost under the weight of her to-do list. EOS helped us visualize her workload and see where we needed to outsource and get her more help.

EOS stresses a ‘get it, want it, capacity to do it’ logic. This helped us make sense of the roles we have, and rethink some of them.

Would you say team meetings are now more effective?
EH: Yes. Although EOS suggests 90 minutes for a weekly meeting, we found we needed to cut it down to an hour. But instead of feeling rushed, EOS gives us a structure that still allows us to get issues solved each week.

What impact is there on team culture?
EH: I think that with each meeting, we become stronger as a team. We see each other’s strengths. We’ve done away with bad habits like tip-toeing around issues and dancing around resistant or negative personalities. We have radical candor now in a BS-free zone, and it’s beautiful. You are accountable to that meeting and we all had to grow up a bit as a team.

I might have gushed a bit, but EOS has made a clear difference in our office!

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For more information, here is a quick video about EOS in the Podiatry practice:

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