Getting Everyone on the Same Page: Advice for multi-location group practices

By September 13, 2018About EOS

I’m back from IPed meeting in Pittsburg where I enjoyed speaking to three podiatrists who are excited to merge their separate practices, comprising ten locations, into a single business entity.

While their intent is, among things, to promote cost savings and efficiencies, systemize treatment protocols and gain better leverage with insurers, our conversation quickly brought to the fore the importance of everyone getting onto the same page with a common vision as well as the challenge of instilling the disciple and accountability necessary to accomplish such an audacious goal.

It isn’t easy to get founders, much less team members onto the same page when it comes to meeting business goals and driving revenue. Without setting clear expectations and outlining objectives, teams often lose direction and focus, causing the wheels to spin out of control. Everyone seeing and wanting the same thing is critically important but its just one early step in the process; to succeed, its necessary take it identify, prioritize and tackle a multitude of issues to really get the momentum going.

It’s understandable to feel some level of fear about giving everyone on your team the whole story, but in order to get the team aligned with the same goals, you have to be willing to open up. A healthy team is one that understands its business goals
and shares a common vision. This includes not just the partners but the managers and everyone else.

Having the right meeting pulse is the key to keeping everyone in sync. With a stream of open dialog and consistent communication, you can keep your people rowing together in the same direction toward the finish line. Channeling all of that
human energy into the same focus doesn’t just benefit your bottom line – it’s essential to being a strong leader. To keep everyone on the same page and in check with the goals of the practice, the EOS “Meeting Pulse” is based on the creation of several concurrent disciplines:

  • Annual Planning Sessions
  • Quarterly Sessions
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • “Same Page” meetings (1-3 meetings per quarter)

By providing these key touchpoints throughout the year, practioners can keep everyone focused, on the same page and ready to solve problems.

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