Josh White, DPM, CPed

EOS® Implementer

Josh has combined interests in healthcare with entrepreneurship since he was a podiatry school student in San Francisco.  Looking for a part time job, he saw a sign posted for help wanted in an orthopedic shoe clinic.  He got the job as a clinical assistant and found it a fascinating way to apply lessons learned in class to whats required for running a manufacturing business combined with a patient care facility.  Working as much as possible while in med school, Josh earned the opportunity to became a partner upon completion of an orthopedics residency.

After several years, Josh sold his half of the business to relocate to New York City, marry and start a family.  He became the first podiatrist in NYC to participate in a new Medicare program that provided coverage for shoes for people with diabetes.  After successfully launching his own clinic, Josh realized the opportunity posed by teaching his podiatry brethren proven treatment protocols based on his own hard earned experience.  He created SafeStep which offered a propriety, web-based program that streamlined shoe ordering and electronic billing combined with guaranteed assurance of Medicare compliance.  Implementing EOS proved instrumental in growing the business to over 3000 clients and $10 million in revenue.  SafeStep was sold to a private equity firm doing a roll up of similar businesses in the industry.  Josh continues to work part time with the parent entity, advising on marketing, sales training and compliance.  He also serves as a consultant to the American Podiatric Medical Association on matters relating to durable medical equipment.

Josh’s experience using EOS to grow SafeStep and his exposure to the challenges faced by health care providers in today’s rapidly changing environment motivated him to launch HealthyOutcomes EOS.  It offers a solution to medical practices and healthcare companies needing structure and accountability to capitalize on opportunities created in an industry undergoing rapid transformation.

Having worked as a physician and experiencing every stage of entreprenueurship from business creation, scaling and sale, Josh is uniquely qualified to help medical practioners and business leaders clarify, simplify and achieve their visions.  Josh’s passion and dedication as an Entrapreneurial Operating System implementer is contagious, whether in session or delivering a keynote address!

Josh works throughout the United States but makes his home in Maplewood, NJ with his wife, Carrie and two teenage daughters.  He enjoys running and cycling and is a three-time Ironman triathlon finisher.